AGM 2015

The IGI Annual Conference in Nairobi is a great chance to meet active young people from all over Africa who are working to bring good governance and eradicate corruption in their own communities. Again, we were not disappointed, as...

September 2015

Includes: Greatest offenders in Cameroon; is Kenya getting worse?; elections in UK and Congo.

Available in English

April 2015

Includes: Training a new generation of leaders; Buea five years on; issues for UK; Zimbabwe and Rwanda

Available in English

AGM 2014

As always, the IGI Annual Conference in Nairobi was interesting and enlightening. Apart from the regular reports from around Africa, there were two useful panel discussions reviewing some of the progress and lessons learnt from four active FITs (Cameroon,...

FITCAM Summer 2014 Update

In the period January to June 2014 FITCAM continued its multi-faceted work to change the culture of Cameroon to make corruption unacceptable: Exposing corruption: FITCAM is the local representative for the South West and North West regions of Cameroon...