Please note the content of this page will be updated soon to reflect constitutional changes.

Membership of IGI

Full (voting) membership is open to anyone over 18 years old who has the necessary skills and interests, is committed to the reformed Christian basis and values of IGI, and undertakes to support the Objects of the IGI

The values of the IGI, based on the Biblical teachings of the reformed Christian faith, are: integrity, honesty, impartiality, humility, responsibility and transparency in the governance of public organizations.

Associate membership is open to people who may feel unable to commit fully to the reformed Christian basis, but who are in sympathy with our aims. They are also able to share in most of the benefits and responsibilities of membership.

Institutional Partnership is membership by other organisations and agencies wishing to work in partnership with the IGI, but without needing or being eligible for voting rights in the IGI.

Benefits of Membership

IGI membership has a unique dual form.
Members are simultaneously members of the worldwide community of the IGI and of a relevant national Focal Integrity Team.

By belonging to the global IGI, the members are:

• able to share in all the knowledge and best practice generated by the IGI,
• kept up to date with developments worldwide (newsletters, website, etc.)
• part of a vibrant network of professionals working for positive change
• able to influence the direction and work of the Institution, contributing to its international growth and long-term success.

The national FIT provides local organisation, and fellowship, with the means to be involved actively in working for improvement in one’s own country.

How to Apply

The global IGI does not charge an individual membership fee at present, but the national FITs may do so, to support the costs of local administration and growth (e.g., for UK members, there is a recommended voluntary subscription of £20 a year).



Please e-mail your completed membership forms to