IGI was begun in the late 90s by Mr. Sakwa K. Buliba, then a student at the University of Nairobi, initially as an informal network.

As the idea continued to take root among African professionals and Christians in particular, the focus became more on public governance and accountability. This drew much attention, and many people joined across Africa and elsewhere. By close of 2006, IGI had spread its wings into over 30 countries, most of them from Sub-Saharan Africa. It is led by a Board of Trustees  supported by other voluntary officers in UK, and has its head office in Nairobi.

IGI works in various countries through the Focal Integrity Teams, which are country chapters for the organization. The principles upon which IGI executes its mandate are anchored on traditional Biblical doctrines and values.

Reformed Christianity seeks to interpret the meaning and purpose of life, including leadership and good governance in terms of the purpose of the Creator God, revealed in the Bible.   So the ethos of IGI is that of servant leadership and requires objectivity, neutrality and equality at all times. We encourage the building of an open society where both leaders and those led are ready to speak up and defend the truth, rejecting any form of fraudulent behavior.

Although IGI is a reformed Christian organization, we work with individual professionals from all walks of life irrespective of religion. We collaborate with civil society organizations having an impeccable record of performance in the building of integrity in public service.

We build partnerships with our government counterparts. Our purpose in all these networks is to cultivate personal and institutional integrity, not just among those holding office in public trust but even those in the civil society movement and the general public.

As a value-based movement we believe that holding onto integrity as the pillar of our engagements with governments and the poor populations, we shall be able to fulfill our purpose; social empowerment of the vulnerable people.

We want to see a citizenry that understands her civic responsibility and is capable of seeking information of interest to her. A people that is capable of realizing and expressing its preferences and concerns regarding how its affairs are run. One that can constructively contribute to her life and the life of her nation. We pursue these goals on the basis of Biblical truths and the attendant historic Christian values.

We uphold these values as trustees of the IGI, staff and members of the IGI. We endeavor to see a public that is conscious of its status in society, recognizes its rights and respects the rights of others, appreciates and supports the role of governments, understands the needs and purpose of life, and utilizes their potentials and maximizes opportunities that arise for the welfare of humanity.