The IGI Annual Conference in Nairobi on 3rd December 2016 was another great chance to meet members from Kenya and several other African countries. If you were there, you will have enjoyed the camaraderie and the sharing of best practice, as we met others dedicated to eradicating corruption in their communities. If you missed it, at least you can download some of the presentations below, and perhaps you can join us next time!

Representatives from Central and East African countries presented reports on the work in their countries, as well as Ian Leigh and Andrew Bennett, Trustees from UK.

As well as the country reports below, the conference re-elected Sakwa Buliba (General Secretary) as a Trustee, approved the statement of accounts, and passed a motion providing for changes to the IGI constitution to remove distinctions in membership levels and improve operational flexibility.

There were also useful workshops, including one on experience applying for grants.