The IGI AGM was held on 1st December at the Professional Centre in Nairobi.

Following prayers by Rev. Moses Otunga, and keynote speeches from Trustee John Muketha and guest speaker Chad Carlson, reports were delivered on behalf of the Trustees, and from the national groups: Cameroon (Christie Fonjie), DRC (Lorik Lwingo Riziki), Nigeria (Timi Agama), Kenya (Stephen Ouma), Rwanda (Vestine Nirere), Somalia (Yahya Samatar/ Ali Habiba), UK (Paul New) and Zimbabwe (Fortune Huruva).

The morning session was chaired by Timi Agama of Nigeria and the afternoon session by Fortune Huruva of Zimbabwe and UK.

Business included the unanimous election of Andrew Bennett as a Trustee of IGI. His election statement can be read here: Andrew Bennett Statement

Some of the presentations can be viewed by clicking below:

Trustees’ Report

Cameroon Report

DRC (Congo) Report

UK Report

The afternoon session included a workshop facilitated by Paul New of UK, on “Managing External Donors”, which brought together the useful experience gained over the last year or so by FITCAM (Cameroon), IGI DRC and IGI Kenya. The FITCAM presentation can be viewed below:

Workshop – FITCAM presentation

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