The IGI Annual Conference in Nairobi is a great chance to meet active young people from all over Africa who are working to bring good governance and eradicate corruption in their own communities. Again, we were not disappointed, as we listened to reports of courageous and successful work in the five main countries where IGI operates.

If you couldn’t be present in person, you can see most of the presentations below:

Global Trustees’ and UK Report

Cameroon Report

Congo – DRC Report

Kenya Report

Rwanda Report

Somalia Report

There was also a panel session with the visiting country leaders:

Panel Questions

.. and workshops to share experience, led by the Kenya country team:

Workshop on CTAs

Workshop on Corruption in Police and Judiciary – Background

The event was also the AGM of IGI, and so the members voted to approve the draft (unaudited) accounts and voted for two motions to start the process of improving the efficiency of IGI:

Motions approved on change to IGI Constitution

This year, unusually, no trustees were due for re-election.

We hope you’ll be able to join us at next year’s Annual Conference in Nairobi, December 3rd, 2016.