According the Global Corruption Barometer 2013 by transparency International on 11 July 2013 Rwanda among the least in the Region. The corruption trends in East Africa show that Rwanda is the least bribery-prone country in the region with an aggregate index of 2.5%.

13% of respondents said they have paid bribe when accessing public services and institutions in the last 12 months. This is very low rate compared to the worldwide percentage, which is 27 per cent. The police and Judiciary who are considered to be the most corrupt in Rwanda and stood on top at 2.1 and 2.0 scores out of 5 respectively.

The report argues that 16% of respondents in Rwanda felt that judiciary was corrupt, while 21% of respondents in Rwanda felt that police were corrupt. As regards to corruption trend in Rwanda, Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer report says that 89% of the respondents say corruption has decreased in the last two years in Rwanda. The report shows that there is strong political will to fight corruption with Rwandan government effectiveness being the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa with 95%.

The other EAC member states Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya fall within the 50-74.9% category.

Regarding corruption trend in the Sub-Saharan Africa, Rwanda has the lowest percentage at only 6% and Nigeria has the highest at 84%.

Bribery rate of the police were highest at 75% and above in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

The report indicates that people from 36 countries view the police as the most corrupt institution. In these countries, an average of 53% of people has paid a bribe to the police.

It also shows that reported bribes to the judiciary have increased by more than 20% in Ghana, Indonesia, Mozambique, Solomon Island and Taiwan.

Minister of Local Government, James Musoni said that the decrease of corruption in the country has been possible due to various strategies and mechanisms which the government and its stakeholders have put in place as regards to the fight against the vice.

He added that although such a huge improvement has been achieved, the government will put in place more measures to achieve a corruption-free society in the near future.

The report shows that apart from Africa, countries with a bribery rate lower than 5% (first category) include Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Japan, Belgium, Maldives, Portugal, Uruguay, New Zealand, Spain, Georgia and Finland. The United Kingdom and United States are in the second category of the least corrupt, within the 5-9.9% category. The most corrupt countries in the world, the report says, are Liberia and Sierra Leone which have a corruption incidence above 75%.

MUHIRE Hilaire